Mabank High School Athletics

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Athletic Clearances

To be cleared for participation in athletics, all athletes must have up-to-date physical and UIL paperwork. If an athlete is seen by a physician, emergency department, or medical professional must have documentation of that visit to turn in to Sports Medicine staff. The following information concerning UIL paperwork can be found under our Sports Medicine tab by clicking UIL paperwork. If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at 903-880-1630.  

Please note that:

Athletes will not be allowed to participate,  practice, or compete in any athletic activity until all the necessary paperwork is submitted. 

Injuries and Care

There are inherent risks of participating or competing in any sport and injuries are bound to happen. If an athlete sustains an injury during a UIL sporting event or practice, it is in the best interest of the athlete to immediately see the Sports Medicine staff before seeing another medical professional to receive an evaluation and care. We are highly trained in sports injuries, management, and rehabilitation along with addressing other needs as well. If an athlete needs any further evaluation or testing we can refer them to our team physician. It is the objective of the Sports Medicine department to provide high-quality care and return every athlete to competition safely. 

Please Note:
If there is a life-threatening condition, or if your child’s injury concerns you, please do not hesitate to get them care. You have the right to seek medical care however you see fit for your child.

Please know that if your child sees another healthcare provider for an injury or illness they must provide a note that clearly states your child is cleared to return to athletics. School absence notes from a doctor's office will not count.

Morning Treatments

If an athlete needs treatment for any injury our clinic hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 7:10-7:45 am

An athlete is unable to receive treatment during athletic periods unless they have attended morning treatments and have communicated with coaches. If an athlete is unable to attend morning treatments due to transportation or for any other legitimate reason, please communicate with sports medicine staff and coaches about these reasons so that we might find a solution for the best treatment plan. 


We will attempt to communicate as much as possible with every injury we encounter. If we believe that the athlete needs further evaluation and a referral is needed we will contact you to discuss further steps along with answering any questions or concerns. For any further questions or concerns you can contact us at 

Office: 903-880-1630

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